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Sir Nevil


Saga of the Smiling Fox is a series of Hero System (Fantasy Hero) roleplaying events run by Rod Currie at major gaming conventions across North America. Each year features a new swashbuckling adventure featuring the Smiling Fox and his band of rebels as they fight against the evil Duke Duvel for the good of the people and to restore the rightful ruler of Eyratha to the throne.

The next Saga of the Smiling Fox event is scheduled to be run at Origins 2009 and Gen Con 2009. Here is the description for this year's event:

Saga of the Smiling Fox (Fantasy Hero)

The swashbuckling Smiling Fox and his band of rebels continue their fight against the evil usurper Duke Duvel and the dark power behind his reign. But whatís more important: stopping Duvelís plans or protecting the innocent population? Or can you somehow accomplish both?

Roleplaying is emphasized in all Saga of the Smiling Fox events.


Contact Rod Currie, creator of Saga of the Smiling Fox.

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All character artwork for Saga of the Smiling Fox was created by Kerry Connell. Thanks Kerry.

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