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Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Ameranda's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Ameranda ("Amy")         

Occupation:  Rightful Heir

Age:  15

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  130 lbs.

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes:  Blue

Place of Birth:  Royalston

Ameranda is the true heir to the Eyrathan throne. She was spirited away as a three month old baby by the Royal Woodsman Fenton during Duke Duvelís attack on the royal family. The woodsman and his wife Sholena raised her as their own. Over the past few years, ďAmyĒ has begun to show the enhanced strength and agility that is inherent to female members of the Eyrathan Royal Family.

Just months before her 16th birthday, Fenton and Sholena informed their adopted daughter of her true heritage. Armed with this knowledge, she decided to join with those who were rebelling against Duke Duvel. She is dedicated to regaining her birthright and restoring her family line as the rightful rulers of Eyratha. But what if they succeed? Is she really ready to be Queen?