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Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Bendik's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Bendik ("Ben")

Occupation:  Woodsman

Age:  19

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  220 lbs.

Hair:  Sandy Brown

Eyes:  Dark Brown

Place of Birth:  Woodsbrook

Bendik is the son of the former Royal Woodsman Fenton and his wife Sholena. He was only three years old when Fenton brought home the baby Ameranda and until Fenton revealed the truth about Ameranda being the rightful heir to Eyrathan throne, he had no reason to suspect that she was anything but his real sister. In fact, until the big reveal, he had known nothing of his fatherís time as Royal Woodsman.

In one sense, he was relieved. Amyís true heritage explained why she was suddenly much more of a challenge in their frequent wrestling matches. But what did this mean? If Amy became Queen, would she turn her back on her adopted family?

When Amy announced that she wanted to join the fight against Duvel, Bendik insisted on going with her to keep her safe. Besides, there was no way that he was going to let his little sister one up him with exploits like that.