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Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Carlindra's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Carlindra ("Carly")     

Occupation:  Entertainer

Age 25

Height:  5'5" 

Weight:  110 lbs.

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Baby Blue

Place of Birth:  Tedrik Corners

Carlindra grew up a happy child despite her motherís death while giving birth to her. She was raised in her fatherís inn and quickly learned how to get along with people. Blessed with a melodious voice, people soon began coming to the inn, just to hear the cute little girl talk and sing. As she grew older, she perfected her act and gained a certain renown as a singer and storyteller

When her father died, as his only child, she took over running the inn herself  While the inn was a frequent meeting place for rebels against Duvel, she herself was not involved in any rebel activity. Using her natural charm and her ability to spin a good yarn, she was able to keep Duvelís forces away from the inn.

Then one day, a rebel fleeing from Duvelís men was tracked to the inn and executed on the spot. Horrified by the situation, she was still able to charm her way out of any trouble, but she knew that the inn would be watched much more closely and that neither she nor any rebels would be safe there much longer. Taking only the barest essentials, she burned her beloved inn to the ground and fled into the woods to join the fight against Duvel.