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Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Dannal's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Dannal ("Dan")

Occupation:  Priest of Jogrum

Age 32

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  190 lbs.

Hair:  Sandy Brown

Eyes:  Dark Brown

Place of Birth:  Cinder Hollow

Dannal grew up in Cinder Hollow, the son of the village blacksmith and the preacherís daughter. From a young age, he was fascinated by his grandfather the preacherís tales of the Eyrathan gods and eventually decided to become a priest of Jogrum, himself.

Journeying to the larger town of Riverbend, he studied under the local priest and soon fell in love with the priestís daughter, Elliandra. When it came time to return home as village priest, she went with him as his wife. A year later, Jogrum blessed their union with a baby girl named Allena.

Despite the turbulent times, Dannal, Elliandra, and Allena were very happy. That was, until five years ago, when Lord Pandor, one of Duke Duvelís lieutenants, thought one of Cinder Hollowís merchants had cheated him (he hadnít) and brought down the wrath of Duvelís army on the village. When Dannal tried to make peace and stop the rampage, he was knocked unconscious and his house was set on fire. Sadly, his wife and daughter were unable to escape and died in the blaze.

Without the love of his wife and daughter, Dannal became bitter and began to question just what the godsí plans were for him and did they really need to take Elliandra and Allenda from him? The bitterness and desire for revenge began to eat away at him and he soon found himself unable to administer to the villageís needs. So, with a heavy heart, he left Cinder Hollow to join with one of the bands of rebels fighting Duvelís rule.