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Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Rojara's Character Sheet in PDF

Name: Rojara Tu Vanitra                     

Occupation:  Knife Thrower /  Thief

Age:  23

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  130 lbs

Hair:  Auburn

Eyes:  Turquoise

Place of Birth:  Brightwood

Rojara Tu Vanitra hails from the region Brightwood on the eastern edge of Eyratha.  Like all of the Bright Ones (as the natives of Brightwood are called), Rojara has golden brown skin and turquoise eyes.

Rojara grew up as the daughter of a merchant and his wife, and while her parents loved her, they often found her a handful. If she wasnítí getting in trouble over the mischief she and her friends caused, she was likely getting in trouble because of her smart mouth.

When Rojara was 15, the Jannik Brothers Carnival came to Brightwood and Rojara was fascinated, particularly with Cordan, the handsome young knife thrower. Thus, when the carnival moved on, Rojara moved on with it. Using her natural athletic skills, she began performing as a tumbler as well as acting as Cordanís assistant. She and Cordan began to fall in love as he taught her the tricks of throwing and fighting with knives. A year and half after joining the carnival, Rojara and Cordan became husband and wife.

But there was more to the Jannik Brothers Carnival than entertaining the populace. It was also one of the finest collections of thieves in Eyratha. Unfortunately, a few years ago, the carnival tried to rob the wrong man. Lord Conkel, the target, was well-connected and convinced Duke Duvel to bring down the force of his army on the carnival. Rojara was lucky enough to escape the massacre but many of her friends and her beloved husband were killed and several more were arrested and imprisoned.

Since that dark day, Rojara has done whatever she could to fight the evil of Duke Duvel, eventually joining up with the Smiling Foxís band.