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 Sir Nevil



Sir Nevil


Artwork by Kerry Connell (to come)

Sir Nevil's Character Sheet in PDF

Name:  Sir Nevil of Edwik ("Nevil")

Occupation:  Knight

Age:  24

Height:  6'0"

Weight:  190 lbs.

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Brown

Place of Birth:  Taysbridge

Nevil is a member of the house of Edwik, one of the noble houses that sided with Duke Duvel when he seized power 15 years ago. Trained in the arts of combat and chivalry, Nevil spent time squired to Sir Oswik, who served for a time as part of Duvelís personal forces.

During his time with Oswik, he saw many things that he disliked about Duvelís rule, but as a squire, it was not his place to question those above him, so he kept quiet. It was also during this time that he met and fell in love with Duvelís daughter Ladira.

When Edwik became a full-fledged knight, he turned his back on a formal commission and chose instead to wander Eyratha, where he truly began to see the evil that Duvel had inflicted on the land. He has vowed to remove the evil Duke from power and win the hand of Lady Ladira in marriage if she has not been tainted by her fatherís evil and can forgive him for his actions against her father.